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Astier de Villatte

Hollywood Incense

Hollywood Incense

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  • Box of 125 sticks
  • 30 minute burn time
  • Handmade and crafted in Japan

    A new mythical fragrance rises over Sunset Boulevard: a delicate dusting of iris and patchouli leads us down the yellow brick road of Hollywood studios, blending with the sunny cedar wood, eucalyptus and vetiver scents of Southern California’s luxuriant vegetation. Contain essences of Cypress, Iris, Vetiver, Patchouli, Styrax, Tonka bean and Eucalyptus. Perfume designed with Françoise Caron.

    The best incense in the world is found on the island of Awaji, due to its favorable climate. For more than a thousand years it has been made here by the Koh-shis or Masters of Aromas, a tradition passed down from father to son. They alone perfectly master the four stages of production: the dosage of exclusively natural materials, precious woods, herbs, plants, vegetable resins, and perfume; the kneading of the dough, pressed and worked for a long time, then left to stand for two weeks to soak up the fragrance; the cutting of the dough, rolled into long, narrow ribbons, to the desired size; then drying in the west wind for three days before bundling the sticks.

    Precautionary measures:

    Light the end of the stick with a match, blow out the flame and leave to smoke. Plant the stick in an incense burner or a bowl of sand. Do not use in a flammable environment. Do not leave burning without supervision. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

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