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A Talk With Christine Hallen-Berg of Untethered Sol

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This week, we’re taking a look back at our Summer Show with Christine Hallen-Berg
of Untethered Sol. 
Read on and gain some insight on the story behind our guest artist's creations.

What sparked the birth of the “Untethered Sol?” Was there a pivotal moment from which the collection was inspired?

There was not a particular pivotal moment but a brewing in my soul about creating jewelry with collected items, pendants and beads from all of my journeys throughout the world in the last 30+ years.  It all started with a vintage Japanese tassel that I added antique conch shell beads to. This piece sat in a tray in my interior design office for two years.. Once I completed it, I kept going and going...

Each of your handcrafted assemblages hold a special title of its own, such as Light, Awakening, and Circle of Life. Can you tell us a bit about the process of selecting titles and orisons that seemingly breathe even more life into each creation?

The names emanate from within myself and how each piece speaks to me. In addition, I study and research what each stone represents spiritually and energetically to a person when a particular stone is worn.  

cross necklace

You've traveled far and wide, inhaling wafts of inspiration and exhaling  streams of creativity, all the while. What’s next for you?

What a nice question…more of the world…I don’t think this yearning I have will ever go away and the more cultures/countries I experience the more they entice me to experience more of what the world has to offer in creativity and spiritual growth.


For more information on Christine Hallen-Berg, or to view more from her collection, Untethered Sol, please contact us. 


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